Custom drawing by order

  • Big size yantra lanna sak yant

    About Special drawing Tattoo Sakyant design .

    Great sak yant bring you the spirit of the animal spirit of the tiger, spirit of the elephant or spirit of lakshmi or hanuman ... You can ask for a spirit of .... You can also choose to choose master DAAM, in any case it will create an exclusive pattern that will bring the spirit of the animal or motif conce

    Price: 6000THB :
    Reference: 6-001
  • kao yord buddhist nine point yantra

    Medium size Tattoo Sakyant design

    The medium   size is about  10 x 5 cms   or  10x  12 cms  this  is the same size  like Yantra tattoo  five lines  pattern  which  Angelina jolie  famous holloywood actress  has one on her  left  shoulder but with Master Daam he did tattoo with  Lanna  culture  style  you can  discuss with  him .

    Price: 4000THB :
    Reference: 6-002
  • yantra lanna sak yant

    Small size tattoo design sak yant

    For  small  tattoo sakyant lanna  style ize is about  3x1 cms 
     will  use olny a few  line of  lanna  writing  alphabet  but still look  elegant and nice  .

    Price: 1500THB :
    Reference: 6-003
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