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ChiangMai  is  the capital of the North, the center  of the Lanna kingdom. 
The most refined artistic culture of  thailand  and  also of all the south-east Asia .
Chiang Mai  was an  ancient center   surrounded by  walls with  romantic moat ...
He is the one in   Chiangmai who  is   expert in doing   magic  tattoo in Lanna the north  of Thailand    MASTER DAAM.

The Master Sak Yant:

kao yord buddhist nine point yantra
Master  Daam  had passion  in learning  how  to  do  Tattoo with  Lanna  alphabet  since he  was  14 year old,  while  he was being   a monk in  the temple .
After that   He   practiced   drawing  Tattoo   Sak Yant  as well as various praying  models  in  Buddhist way   and understood   the   gentle magic which  he can use  for  his clients  both   men and women ..
Then he took away to be mong after 16 years of studies.

Tattoo SakYant

Each  lance  or equipment  he use in  doing  tattoo is always  clean,  disinfected  and  sterilized. All hygenenic equipments  before  doing  tattoo  so his  tattoo  drawing   and sakyant  will  be always top quality. He got teaching by switzerland master and is graduated by thai administration for hygienic course.

Master Daam give tattoo on  the back
Master Daam give tattoo on  the back

New shop in Chiangmai old city 

Master daam opened a new shop in Chiangmai old city, near Sompet market. The name of the new shop is Magic Sakyant. 

Click here for new shop website 

How to meet Master Daam

Every day except thuersday and full moon day, you can meet master daam at 09h morning 

On this time he will guive you apointment
Can be immediateley at 09h30 or can be in dan queue
Or also can be sa you planed to do 

Anyway you are welcome in samnak at 09h morning every day except thuersday and full moon day

You can also to get apointment call 063 293 36 26

Free hand on appointment ? Or draw a custom design ?

       Message 1  from customer
     A:     Hello,
      I would like to have more information about size  and how much   ?  for doing tattoo.
     We are two French and we had been in Thailand for  2 times  in February 2017.
     We would like to be tattooed by Master DAAM or a monk Sak Yantlors of our stay.
      We would like to do an   appointment with MasterDaam  , and check  out   the price  how much   for the "drawing"?
      Thank you.
 Reply 1   from  Administrator
 B:  Hello ! friends M ... and K ...
Master Daam now   is not   a monk  becasue   his own  reasons.
But he did  practiced doing  tattoo sakyant   for  many  years   for  being  as a professional  tattoo"s  master .
He love to  give this  Tattoo  as a  high  value  like  Spiritual and belife .  

As for the drawing you can either order it on the site if you want a  study
Or you can design  and creat  with your  own  ideas gleaned from the internet and chat with Master  Daam.
You  can  make your own unique  tattoo also.
Daam normally   has  catalog about  Tattoo  designs   but he also likes to design with  his clients.
If you want a smaller   tattoo no bigger than a model  please contact him before  appoinment as least  one  week.
If you want a great tattoo you must book now

Price of the tattoos 
30 barths per cm2 plus 1000 baths 
a 10x10cm is 100 cm2 x 30 = 3000 baths +1000 = 4000 baths 


Master Daam  with  customer
Message 2  A customer  has  conversation  with  B  administrator.
A: Thank you all your clarifications, I  have some more questions.
I am really  interested, the fact that Master Daam is now not  a  monk if  it changes the power of these tattoos?
 B: ---> Yes  he still has that magic power  as  he was    before.
 A: Is he must do some   special ceremony?
 B:---> Yes he still did  the same as when he was a monk
 A: Did he  prepare  his eqiupment  without  Hygiene  , is there any risk if i  did  tattoo  by him?
 B:---> No any  risk by did  tattoo by him   cause   he has a training hygiene from   Switzerland  and all equipment  must sterilized before doing  tattoo.
  A: The equipment used is well prepare?
 B:--->  He  always  does prepare the monastic lance  euipment  before doing tattoo and   it is always  sterilized .
A: Can we keep the lance in  the  general place?
 B---> Cannot just keep  as general  cause these  lance  was   exclusively reserved from  the monk   and always  keep after  sterilized.
A: When drawing I am not sure  which part of body   I  should  put  tattoo  on  ?  i I maybe   love put it    on the neck or in some  unique part of my  body.
B: ---> Yes you can design about   putting  tattoo  on your   unique part of your   body   it is good to order a personal drawing by clicking here
  The creation by correspondence of a small model cost 45 €
 A :We both   like to put   tattoo in the neck and upper back, cause  , we will like it to have our own   unique and personal  design .
 so can you give some advices  for us?
B:---> Yes you   both  can have own design  and unique  in  any position  you  want and it is good  to creat  by yourself.
A: How can we  do  appointment?
  B:    To make an appointment you have to fill the form ... click on this link.
 A :  After  doing  tattoo  if  we  can  have shower  or take a bath  ?
.B:....>   Yes you can have a bath but not use soap  at least  for  3 days  and after  that must  put  vasaline on  tattoo  too.
                         thank you for your reply

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 093 293 3626
Tél: (66) 093 293 3626

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